Current Obsessions

  • AcroYoga

  • Bicycling

  • Critical Thinking :P

  • Climbing

  • Dancing

  • Eating

  • Fucking

In search of

  • Imparting hope, common sense, a progressive & inclusive value system, knowledge and technical understanding to my readers to take a stab at understanding and solving the problems and challenges of current times

Best tips

  • You can always execute what you think is impossible, and then when you look back, it will look so easy like why did you even think that was difficult in the first place

  • Dream way bigger and more impossible than what you are dreaming, because there is more probability you will exceed your expectations than fall short

  • People make themselves disenfranchised by discarding the personal accountability and responsibility from the social problems around them. In short, you can fix anything and everything that is bothering you, try